Graduation Party Planning Ideas

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What are some unique graduation party ideas for the big day?

Graduation Party Planning Ideas

If you are looking for something different to do at your loved one's graduation party this year, check out these fun ideas from party experts:

For graduation party invitations, how about sending little diplomas or an invitation that reads like a final exam or adding a photo or caricature of the graduate inside the invitation.

Themes: if your graduate knows what college he or she is going to attend in the fall, how about decking the walls with that college's pennants, banners or posters. Or use the college colors as part of your color scheme.

Activities: roasting your graduate. Have a People Magazine poster made of your graduate and put it on an easel in the front of the room. Or make a caricature of your graduate and go to a place like Kinko's to create a large poster of it. Then ask guests to tell fun stories about the graduate and his/her years in school. Or have the graduate's best friend prepare some fun "job interview" questions and set up a mock job interview session at the party.

Decorations: honor your graduate by displaying school awards, photos and trophies.



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