Child Birthday Party Game Planning

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What should I keep in mind when planning my child's birthday party games?

Child Birthday Party Game Planning

Party games are a lot of fun for children, but they are also educational (whether the child realizes it or not). Party games aid in social development, teach sportsmanship and how to follow rules.

When planning birthday party games for your child, consider the following factors to ensure everyone has a good time.

  • Select appropriate games. Some games will be a hit and others will not. Consider the age of the children and how much space you have when deciding which games to choose. Ask your child to give input. If your child likes the game, chances are his/her friends will too.
  • Be flexible. If you sense that a birthday party game is not going well, let it go and move on to the next activity. If your party games are outside games, have some inside games ready in case of bad weather.
  • Be prepared. Have all game set up before the party. Be sure you understand how to play the games beforehand.
  • Everyone is a winner. Parties are a time to have fun. If you are giving out prizes, some experts say to give all children a prize or give none at all. That's because young children may not have a grasp of good sportsmanship and feel hurt.
  • At a child's birthday party, never force a child to participate in a game. Some children are more comfortable as observers. You may want to allow them to be a timekeeper, judge, referee or question leader to keep them involved with the group.



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