Slumber Party Activities and Etiquette

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What are some activities I can plan for my child's slumber party?

Slumber Party Activities and Etiquette

Your child is finally old enough to have friends sleep over and you are fretting over planning your first sleepover party. Here are 10 tips for a stress-free slumber party, courtesy of Penny Warner, child activity expert and author of "Slumber Parties:"

1. Make sure your child is the right age for a slumber party (between 8 and 14 years old).

2. Plan a party that's appropriate for your child's age. Some slumber party games and activities for the 8 to 12 year old set may include arts and crafts, and indoor camping excursion where they can sleep under glow-in-the-dark stars and tell spooky stories, a Toon Town party where kids act out their favorite Loony Toons character, a 50's Sock Hop where they dance to old fashioned rock and roll and a Karaoke party where they sing to favorite pop songs.

3. For 10 to 14 year olds, some ideas include a Comedy Club party where they all take turns telling jokes, a Creative Kitchen party where they cook up some tasty treats (with adult supervision) and a Miracle Makeover party where they give each other makeovers.

4. Don't mix boys and girls at the same slumber party. Most young girls and boys feel more comfortable at this type of party with their own gender.

5. Keep kids busy to keep them out of trouble. Have more activities than you need so when a certain game doesn't work out, you'll have back up. Kids who are engaged are less likely to resort to pranks or troublemaking. Also have plenty of videos on hand so there's something to do when the slumber party games wind down.

6. Have plenty of snacks -- healthy snacks as well as sweet treats so the kids don't get too wired. Also, making snacks could be part of the fun if you allow the party goers to give a helping hand.

7. Know your place at the party to avoid embarrassing your child. Let them know you are there if they need anything but try to stay out of their way and allow them a night of independence. Bringing snacks to them occasionally is a discreet way to check on the group.

8. At around midnight, when the group should be settling down to sleep, pop in some videos to help them quiet down. Many should snuggle into their sleeping bags at this point and nod off.

9. Make clear the beginning and end of your slumber party so it doesn't drag on forever. Start later in the evening, after dinner. Set a specific time for the party to end in the morning so parents pick the kids up promptly. Fix them breakfast and send them on their way. Don't feel bad for setting the end time early in the morning. If kids are sleepy, they can nap when they get home.

10. Set the rules and go over them when the party starts. Let the kids know your boundaries. If children misbehave, threaten to send them home. And follow through if you feel a child has crossed the line. Basic rules should include:

  • no leaving the house
  • no crank calls
  • no mean pranks
  • no cooking without adult supervision
  • no fighting
Here is a sleepover game that either boys or girls will have fun with, should you need another activity for your arsenal. It's called Silhouettes.

  • Set up a curtain so that you can only see someone in shadow. Choose someone as the reader. The reader will read a questionnaire filled out by the teen with answers to questions like what is your favorite hobby or music group. The group tries to guess who's behind the blanket. A flashlight is shined on the blanket so the guests can see only a silhouette. However, the silhouette is altered in some way by a hat, coat, etc...There should be at least four teens behind the curtain at all times so those guessing cannot figure out who the silhouette is simply by figuring out who's missing. Keep rotating the four behind the curtain until everyone has gone.



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