Easter Party Games

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What are some Easter party games?

Easter Party Games

While Easter egg hunts are a wonderful tradition -- who doesn't love finding those colored plastic eggs full of candy or money hidden in the yard or house -- there are other games designed to bring fun to your Easter Sunday. Here are some ideas from the party experts:

Easter egg coloring: take this activity one step further by using more than just food coloring. Buy crafts such as pipe cleaner, google eyes and feathers to turn eggs into little birds, farm animals, people or superheros.

Tri-hop-athon: this is a fun race designed for kids. Choose three landmarks in your yard (ideas include a picnic table, chair, rock, toy) and split the kids into two teams. Designate a start/finish line. The kids will hop on one foot to the first landmark, skip to the second, then jump using two feet all the way back to tag his teammate. The first team to complete the race wins.

Egg and spoon race: set up a flag or designate a landmark in the back yard for teams to walk around. Split kids into two teams and hand them each a spoon. The kids will take turns walking down to the landmark or flag, circling it, and walking back. The entire time, the egg must stay balanced on their spoon. Then they must hand off the egg to the next teammate. If an egg drops, that person must get another egg and start again. The first team to complete the race without dropping the egg wins.

Easter Pictionary: write Easter-related words on slips of paper and drop into an Easter basket. Divide the group into two teams. A member of the teams picks a slip of paper and then draws that word while the others guess. If the team cannot guess before time is up then the other team gets to guess it.

Egg toss: have children toss colorful beanbags (the eggs) into Easter baskets stationed across the room. Whoever gets the most in wins a delicious treat.



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