Creative Alternatives to Goody Bags

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What are some alternatives to giving away goody bags at my child's party?

Creative Alternatives to Goody Bags

Some parents complain about the goody bag tradition at children's parties and wish to do something different. They claim they wind up throwing out the inexpensive toys from the goody bag because children quickly toss them aside. Here are some alternate ideas for goody bags:

  • Have children do an art activity at the party (making a frame, memory box, candle or picture) and go home with their own creation as a gift instead of a goody bag
  • Give children one gift a piece (a coloring book or stickers) instead of a whole goody bag full of many items
  • Burn a CD with children's music on it and give one to each child
  • Tell parents to wrap up a used book their child no longer reads and do a book exchange at the party



2/21/2007 7:14:11 PM
Jordan Balkus said:

I think that the wrapping a good book is a great idea and a matter of fact i did it and all of the girls i invited were so loving the idea and they
said it was so cool that they are going to do it for there graduation when they plan there's. i have looked every were for great ideas for goody bags ideas and this is the best one i found so i used it and it will give you great accompanists i promise you and your party will be the coolest in town just like mine was. Right when i got to school every one ran up to me and said your party was the coolest in town. I know this because one of the girls i invited took a graph and got people to vote and mine was all the way at the top of the paper.

12/26/2008 3:02:59 PM
Angelina said:

Thank you for the CD idea, it's awesome! I have a 12 year old boys birthday party in two days and forgot about the goody bags (that they very much expect). He loves music... Great idea!!


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