Themed Parties for Kids Using Candy

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What's a good idea for a themed party for kids using candy?

Themed Parties for Kids Using Candy

Kids love parties. And kids love candy. Put the two together and you can do a themed event that will make your children and his/her friends melt in your hands.

Check out children's party websites for ideas. Using the party candy colors as inspiration for a theme, it's possible to do any type of candy as a party theme. For example, a Hershey's Kiss party, Gummy Fish party or an M&M party.

Let's take one idea and run with it to give you some inspiration. Here are some guidelines for an M&M party :

Invitations: use a compass to make round invitations out of construction paper in the primary M&M colors (red, brown, green, yellow). Cut out two circles of paper, tie together with a ribbon on the side. On the front, write M&M. On the inside, make lines and write the pertinent information.

Decorations: you can keep it simple by getting a bunch of helium balloons in the primary M&M colors. Have your children help you make paper M&M candies to hang on the wall, door, table. Put out candy dishes with M&M candies in them.

Cake: bake yourself or have a bakery design an M&M cake for your child. Or opt for cupcakes instead, sprinkled with M&M's on top. Each child can have his or her own cupcake.

Games: fill a jar with M&M's (counting them as you do)and have children guess how many are in there. Pin the "M" on the M&M. This works like pin the tail on the donkey - just have a large cardboard circle (the M&M) and blindfold children and have them try to put a letter "M" in the center of the circle. Or hide plastic eggs filled with M&M's and have children hunt for them.

Party favors: send children home with a goody bag full of, what else, M&M's.



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