How to Plan a Tree Trimming Christmas Party

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How do I plan a tree trimming Christmas Party?

How to Plan a Tree Trimming Christmas Party

If you'd like to plan a tree trimming party, when you send out invitations ask guests to either buy or make an ornament for your tree. If you are having a lot of mixed friends who might not know each other, name tags are a good idea. A fun way to do this is to give everyone a Santa hat with their name on the brim. Decorate your home using Christmas party supplies such as garland, Santa figurines, Christmas candy wrapped in green and red and mistletoe.

Play Christmas music and let everyone take turns showing off their ornament and what made them choose or make that particular one. This little show-and-tell session has the potential to be very entertaining and fun. Then have them approach the tree and hang the ornament.

A nice touch is to have an ornament for everyone to take home as a gift as well. Perhaps you made it yourself or it says something memorable on it like the calendar year.



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