Theme Ideas for Your Halloween Costume Party

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What do I need to think about to plan a themed Halloween costume party?

Theme Ideas for Your Halloween Costume Party

If you'd like to host a Halloween costume party with a theme, you first need to start with some brainstorming. Sit with some friends and make a list of different themes you might be interested in. List the costumes, food and decorations that would go with that theme.

For example, if you want to do an Arabian Nights Halloween party, costumes might include Cleopatra, Lawrence of Arabia and snake charmers. Decorations could include colorful rugs and pillows on the floor, place rubber snakes in baskets, drape white fabric everywhere so it looks like the inside of a tent in the Sahara, spray inexpensive pitchers with gold paint and sprinkle sand and gold glitter on tables. For food, perhaps order Middle Eastern fare. Or make falafel, hummus and serve with big bowls of pita and find recipes for other Middle Eastern foods you can make at home. Hire some belly dancers for entertainment and find some Middle Eastern music to play.

Other themes you might consider include western, island, Hollywood, mythological, Disney, etc... The choices are endless.

You should decide whether you want guests to come up with their own costumes within the theme or if you want to order costumes in bulk in your theme and have them available at the door for guests to step into.



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