Pumpkins Can Make Fun Party Games

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What are some Halloween party games that use pumpkins?

Pumpkins Can Make Fun Party Games

What is a Halloween party without some great Halloween party games? And what's Halloween without pumpkins? Combine the two and there are several really fun games that can liven up your Halloween party. The experts suggest giving out penny candy as prizes so that there can be a lot of prizes and you can reward your guests without breaking the bank.

The following are Halloween party game ideas that involve pumpkins:

Pumpkin Golf: Bring some miniature golf fun to your Halloween party. Carve out a pumpkin, making the mouth extra large. Build a cardboard ramp that is 1 or 2 feet from the ground that leads into the pumpkin's mouth. Tape the ramp to the floor to keep it stable. Mark a place across the room for both adults and kids to start from. Take turns hitting a golf ball into the pumpkin's mouth. Each time it goes in, the putter wins a piece of candy.

Penny Pitch: Carve out a pumpkin - or two or three - and line the insides with aluminum foil. Or use plastic pumpkins. Stand a couple of feet away. Give each player 10 or 20 pennies and have them take turns pitching them into the opening at the top of the pumpkins. Every time a penny goes into a pumpkin, the player wins candy.

Pumpkin Bocce: Buy a large pumpkin and several miniature or round sugar pumpkins. Place the large pumpkin in the center of the room or yard. Have players take turns rolling (not tossing or throwing) the sugar pumpkins toward the large pumpkin. Whoever gets closet to the large pumpkin wins candy.

If you'd like to play a game that doesn't involve pumpkins, try The Name Game: Write the name of a spooky character or person in magic marker on an index card and pin one to each guest's back as he or she arrives. When the game begins, the guest must guess which person or character he or she is by receiving clues from other guests. You are allowed to ask one question per person in the room about the name on your back and it must be answered with a simple yes or no. The first person to guess who they are wins the game.



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