Household Items Can Make Spooky Sound Effects

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What household items can be used as spooky sound effects?

Household Items Can Make Spooky Sound Effects

So you're throwing a Halloween party and you want everything to be homegrown -- from the costumes, to the food to the sound effects. A great (and economical) Halloween party idea is to use regular household items to create creepy sound effects. Here are some tips, courtesy of, for creating your own spooky Halloween party soundtrack.

  • To simulate thunder, bang on a large piece of poster board or sheet metal
  • Uncooked rice poured onto a cookie sheet sounds like rain
  • Crinkle a handful of cellophane to create the sound of a roaring fire
  • Snap carrots in half for the sound of breaking bones
  • Flap a plastic bag in front of a microphone for the sound of bats
  • Slowly blow bubbles with a straw into a bowl for a bog sound
  • A squeaky hinge can sound like a coffin opening

If you're looking to save money at this year's Halloween party supplies, just look at household items in a whole new light. Plenty of household items can double as spooky sound effects. For example, a squeaky hinge can sound like a coffin opening and snapping carrots in half sound like breaking bones. Make a tape of these noises or have someone stationed around the house with a different household item to "play" throughout the evening. Volunteers can take shifts!



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