Costume Party Ideas and Supplies

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What’s a good costume party theme idea?

Costume Party Ideas and Supplies

Host a costume party at your next Halloween party and make the theme a superhero one. Who doesn't love to fight crime and save the day? Whack! Pow! Zonk! Your muscle-rippling heroes will unleash enough power and bravado to make your costume party a hit. Any costume you can think of, whether it is Batman, Spiderman, Wonderwoman, Catwoman...can be found in a costume shop or by ordering online. Have fun picking out your alter ego!

Put the Batman and Superman theme music on the sound system or pop the movies in as background noise. Serve good food and drink, plan some activities and you'll be off to save the day. Put together a trivia quiz, hero-themed Pictionary, and, quite naturally, a costume contest. Award medallions to the mightiest of the mighty. It could be The Incredible Hulk, a Power Ranger, one of the X-Men or Superman (phone booth not required). Ask each superhero to do a routine for extra laughs.

The sky is the limit when it comes to laughter and fun when you and your best friends are parading around in tights and capes at this year's Halloween costume party!



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