Types of Birthday Balloons and Balloon Accessories

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What is available in the way of birthday balloons?

Types of Birthday Balloons and Balloon Accessories

When it comes to birthday balloons, the choices are vast. The balloon market is thriving and experts are always coming out with new designs. Go to birthday party supply stores for ideas and prices. Here are some examples of different types of balloons on the market, courtesy of www.orientaltrading.com:

  • Jewel tone
  • Assorted colors of round and heart-shaped mylar balloons (mylar is a thin strong polyester film)
  • Red hearts
  • Clear latex
  • Assorted colors as well as onyx black and gold and other metallic colors
  • Neon animal print
  • Yo-Yo - fill with water and use as a yo-yo
  • Punch - rubber band handles allow one to punch
  • Balloon face
  • Animal shaped
  • Hanging balloon chandelier
There are also balloon accessories available such as:

  • Spirals for the tail
  • Neon decorative balloon weights
  • Mini plastic air pump
  • Balloon string
  • Balloon cups with string
  • Multicolor balloon sticks with cups
  • Balloon clips



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