Birthday Party Planning With Photos

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What are some fun birthday party planning using photos?

Birthday Party Planning With Photos

Birthday party planning is a snap with all the ideas available on the market. If pictures are your forte, here are some ideas from the experts.

  • Create a collage of pictures that traces the birthday person's development. Include embarrassing, as well as flattering, images. Place the collage on a prominent wall at the party.
  • Use a big piece of paper and markers to draw a diagram (kind of like a genealogy) of how the birthday person knows everyone. Include some pictures here and there of the birthday person with some of these friends. During the party, have guests tell funny stories about their friendship with the birthday person.
  • To commemorate the party, hang a colorful backdrop and use a Polaroid to take a photo of the birthday person with each guest. Give the photos to the birthday person in the form of an album or online album.



2/18/2008 11:57:30 PM
WebDrops said:

Interesting... I really liked the collage idea... you can even ask guests to bring a picture of the birthday boy/girl and come with a sweet memory... which they can discuss and have a hearty laugh


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