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Question 1

How much do adults spend annually on Halloween in the U.S.?

More than you´ll ever make
$5 trillion annually
$2.5 billion annually
Less than $1 million a year
Yes, it´s true. Americans spend $2.5 billion annually on this holiday, making the 2nd largest commercial holiday after Christmas.

Question 2

Back in the old days if you peeled an apple in front of a mirror what would you see?

How you´ll die
An image of your enemies
Nothing other than your own image
An image of your future spouse
From the The Woman´s Encyclopedia of Myths and Secrets by BG Walker

Question 3

What was originally used for Jack-O-Lantern´s?

It´s always been a pumpkin! Duh!
Dried up tomatoes
In Ireland where the legend of the Jack O Lantern is to have origninated, people carved scary faces from hollowed out turnips. In England they use beets. When immigrants came to America they found that our native fruit, the pumpkin, served as a great jack o´ lantern.

Question 4

How did the pitchfork come to be associated with the devil?

It´s obvious isn´t it? He was seen with one!
It was a phallic symbol that the Christian Church associated with their devil
It´s an easy way for the devil to get sinners inline.
Someone had a ripe imagination.
The pitchfork is a tool of the harvest. So how did it get to be associated with the Devil? Well, the trident was also a phallic symbol, a symbol of fertility in many cultures. When the Christian Church began to demonize the pagan religions, they associated this symbol of sexual energy with their devil. --From

Question 5

How do you become a werewolf?

It depends, if you´re bit during a full moon, then you´ll for sure become a Werewolf.
It doesn´t matter when you´re bit, when you´re bit by one, you´ll become one
Uh, don´t you think a Werewolf would eat you not just bite you?
Bite? That´s a vampire legend not a werewolf legend.
Unlike the vampire legend where if you´re bitten by a vampire you MAY become a vampire yourself....when your bitten by a matter when or will always become a werewolf.

Question 6

What happens if you go to a deserted crossroads on Halloween night?

If you listen to the wind, you´ll learn all the important things coming your way in the next 12 months.
You´ll meet the devil and get one wish
You´ll spook yourself out.
You´ll turn into a werewolf.

Question 7

If you hear footsteps behind you on Halloween why shouldn´t you turn around?

You´ll see the devil
You´ll turn into a gargoyle
You´ll drop dead
According to an Irish legend if you hear footsteps following you on Halloween, you should not look around, for it´s the dead who are following and if you meet their gaze, you will die.

Question 8

Warlock is one of the many names given to a male witch. What´s another?

Evil Man
Witch Man
The Devil
Oathbreaker is one of the other names for a male witch. Other names include Wizard and Sorcerer.

Question 9

Why was the sound of a hooting owl feared by the Romans?

They considered it an ill omen, associated with death or misfortune
They thought it meant the end of the world was near
They thought it was a ghost
They didn´t know what it was

Question 10

Besides silk, what else can cobwebs be used for?

Healing cuts
Baby lotion
People have used cobwebs throughout the ages for healing cuts. They put the web onto the cut so it stopped the bleeding and acted as a delicate bandage.

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