Choosing Celebration Food Tips

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How much tableware should I buy?

Dinner Party Celebrations: Tableware

Party planning involves a lot of dishes. Each guest will use three cups and three napkins for every two hours of your dinner party celebration.

How do I make my winter fires more fragrant?

Celebration Herbal Fires

Winter anniversary celebrations will be extra festive when you build a fragrant fire. Tie dried stalks of sage, rosemary or poppy to lengths of fatwood and use the bundle to start your fire.


Theme Party Decorations & Flatware

Theme party decorations can extend to flatware. Roll flatware in a colorful napkin tied with decorative ribbon. Place it in a basket at the end of the buffet table, so guests won't have to balance food and utensils while they serve themselves.

How do I make a champagne punch?

Celebration Champagne Punch

Make champagne punch for anniversary celebrations. In a large punch bowl combine 1 can each of frozen cranberry juice, pink lemonade and limeade with 1 bottle of Riesling, 2 bottles of champagne and 1 liter of club soda, all chilled. Add ice cubes and garnish with 1/2 cup fresh mint leaves and 1 cup fresh cranberries.

What's an easy way to get wrinkles out of a tablecloth?

Dinner Party Celebrations: Wrinkled Tablecloth

Dinner party celebrations keep you busy for days ahead of time. So let gravity iron your tablecloth. Lay out the cloth a day before the celebration. Put a towel or pad underneath and spray the cloth lightly with water. Gravity will pull it down overnight and make it smooth.

Can I ask my guests to contribute to food preparation?

Food Preparation

Menu planning for a party and food preparation can get complicated. Accept offers from family and friends to bring food dishes. You can then focus on the main dish and making other parts of your celebration wonderful, such as planning online memory books for your special guests.

What do I serve to people who don't drink liquor?

Non-Alcoholic Party Drinks

When planning parties, have an assortment of non-alcoholic party drinks on hand, whether it's an adult holiday party or child's birthday party. Essential non-alcoholic beverages include bottled water, club soda, cola, fruit juices, ginger ale and tonic water. Apple cider and eggnog are popular holiday favorites.

What are some salty, crunchy snacks?

Celebration Snacks

When choosing celebration food, don't forget to keep out little bowls of snacks throughout the party! Party drinks and recipes go well with salty, crunchy snacks. Fill small bowls with salted or spicy nuts, wasabi peas and an assortment of olives.

How can I embellish drinks?

Favorite Party Drinks

When planning your favorite party drinks, including non-alcoholic party drinks, remember to add fresh fruit to your shopping list. Don't forget limes, lemons and oranges and have them sliced in advance.

Can I ask my guests to contribute to food preparation?

Planning Your Celebration Menu

Menu planning for a party and food preparation can get complicated. Accept offers from family and friends to bring food dishes. A pot luck dinner makes everyone feel involved - and you can get some great recipes! You can then focus on the main dish and making other parts of your celebration wonderful, such as planning online memory books for your special guests.

What are some entertainment ideas for a retirement party?

Retirement Party Themes

Retirement party themes can follow a quiz show format. Ask questions like, "How many bosses has the retiree worked for in his/her years with the company?" Or "Name three positions the retiree has held with the company." Include questions about hobbies, sports or special collections. Guests will have fun learning more about the retiree.

How much food should I prepare?

Food Preparation: Servings

Before choosing celebration food, do some keen calculations on your dinner party menu. Plan to prepare 10% more than you need. Some basic guidelines for food preparation are: one cup each of coffee, vegetables, potatoes, fruit, rice, soup and pasta per person. Figure ½ lb per person for meat and chicken. Each person will eat 1/8 of a 9-inch pie or cake.

How much ice should I buy for my favorite party drinks?

Favorite Party Drinks: Frozen

Favorite party drinks often come frozen. You can never have too much ice. If you are serving frozen drinks, figure 1 lb of ice and thee drinks per person.

How do I cut food prep time?

Simple Food Recipes

In a hurry while choosing celebration food? Simple food recipes, like marinated vegetable salads or pasta dishes, can be made ahead-. If necessary, just pop them in the microwave or oven for fast easy preparation the day of your dinner party celebration.

How can I simplify menu planning for a party?

Simple Food Recipes

Anniversary celebrations, birthday parties, graduation celebrations and retirement parties don't have to be complex, elaborate affairs to be enjoyable. Simple food recipes are often the tastiest and easiest to prepare. Put your energy into planning a personalized gift for the guest of honor, such as a birthday memory book. Menu planning for a party should stick to easy familiar foods. Save the fancy or expensive entrees for smaller groups. Fit the meal to the season and to your fridge and oven space.

How should I serve cheese at a party?

Party Theme Foods with Cheese & Crackers

Looking for simple foods? Cheese and crackers are always a winner when choosing celebration food for your Graduation Celebration, Anniversary or Birthday Celebration! Have a separate knife or spreader for each type of cheese. Offer variety in texture and taste. Have a plate of three to four different cheeses, a minimum of two types of crackers, and at least one fruit (apple or pear works best).

What are some retirement party games?

Videotape Retirement Party

Videotape retirement party guests answering questions about the retiree. Ask questions such as "what was the most embarrassing moment...the funniest moment." Ask guest to describe the retiree in 25 words or less. Give retirees the videos after their parties, along with online memory books created exclusively for them by their families and friends.

Are there any drinks made with pomegranate juice?

Celebration Pomegranate Cocktail

Spice up anniversary celebrations with a pomegranate cocktail. Roll the edge of a wet martini glass in sugar. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add 2 parts cranberry vodka and 1 part pomegranate juice. Shake and strain into the sugared glass. Garnish with a lemon twist.

How long will it take to prepare food?

Dinner Party Recipes: Prep Time

Think ahead when planning dinner party recipes. How long will it take to cook, cool and reheat each dish?. Dinner party celebrations require two schedules:the "day before" and the "day of".

Is there a simple drink made with orange vodka?

Celebration Vodka No. 5

Orange vodka and Midori will get retirement parties rocking. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice. Add 2 parts orange vodka, 1 part Midori and 1 part fresh lime juice. Shake and strain into sugared martini glass.

How do I decorate for a retirement party?

Retirement Party Themes:Sports

Retirement party planning ideas should center on what the retiree enjoyed while working and what the person is getting ready to do. Build retirement themes around the honoree's favorite sport, hobby or special interest. Decorate with tennis balls and raquets, or travel posters and postcards. Great retirement gifts reflect the retiree's life accomplishments and retirement goals.

Any ideas for guests who don't drink alcohol?

Party Planning with Punch

Party planning involves thinking about guests who prefer non-alcoholic party drinks. For example, 40th birthday party ideas could include plans for two punch bowls: one with liquor and one without. Or have one punch bowl, with a bottle of liquor on the side so guests can help themselves.

What can I serve that's different?

Creative Food Preparation

Need some ideas for choosing celebration food? Be creative when deciding what kinds of food to serve for party guests. Food preparation should be fun. Consider serving a potluck spaghetti bar by offering a variety of sauces. Try a simple soup dinner, make-your-own sandwiches, salad bar, taco bar, baked potato bar, ice cream bar (make your own sundaes). A BBQ could feature shish kabobs, salmon or fish steaks, ribs, or roast pig.

Can I make a punch with pomegranate juice?

Celebration Pomegranate Punch

Retirement party planning ideas should include pomegranate punch. In a large punch bowl combine 3 cups of pomegranate juice, 4 1/2 cups orange juice and 7 1/2 cups cranberry juice. Chill several hours. Ladle into punch cups and add a splash of seltzer water. Garnish with skewered cranberries.

What ideas do you have for dessert?

Birthday Celebration Cakes

Birthday celebration cakes are often carried in from another room with candles lit and presented to the guest of honor. An easier way is to simply leave the cake in view during preliminary festivities. Consider it part of the decorations.

What are some simple children's birthday party ideas?

Party Theme Foods for Children's Birthday Parties

Children's birthday party ideas stress simplicity. Cut down on dishes and cleanup. Serve party theme foods that can be eaten from a napkin, such as candy and decorated cookies and cupcakes.

Can I donate to a retiree's favorite charity?

Retirement Party Gifts: Charity

Sometimes great retirement gifts are no gifts at all--for the retiree. Instead, retirement party gifts take the shape of gifts to the retiree's favorite charity. Invitations can even list the charity's name, so guests can come with check in hand.

How do I serve coffee?

Party Planning with Coffee

You don't need to have a coffee bar at your holiday celebration. A simple coffee service will complement the rich desserts. Have your coffee maker ready to go and have cups and saucers organized on a tray ready to bring to the table.

How can I decorate with fruit for an anniversary celebration?

Celebration Garland

Decorate for anniversary celebrations or retirement parties with rag garlands trimmed with fruits. Tie 1/4-inch x 5-inch strips of cotton, thin wool or felt onto a 3-foot length of twine or wire. Add a slice of dried orange every few inches. Leave enough string at each end to tie a loop for hanging.

How can I decorate tables at a retirement party?

Retirement Party Themes: Table Decorations

Retirement party themes are easy if you consider the retiree's hobbies and special interests. Ideas for retirement party table decorations could feature one table with golf tees scattered as table confetti. The next table could be scattered with multi-colored rice signifying the retiree's cooking interest. Another table could be decorated with tiny planes and trains signifying the retiree's love of travel. All these interests could be then memorialized in online memory books.

How should I set up the buffet?

Party Planning a Buffet Dinner

Recipes for party foods should avoid foods that must be cut. For a buffet dinner, make individual party theme foods that can be lifted onto the plate easily. Having guests slice and/or cut can be difficult while trying to balance a plate and will also slow down the buffet line.

Can I make an appetizer with goat cheese?

Celebration Goat Cheese

When wondering what kinds of food to serve for party, don't forget the goat cheese. Slice a baguette on the diagonal. Spread each slice with goat cheese and bake in 350-degree oven about 10 minute (until bread is golden at the edges). Top with thin slices of figs and drizzle on balsamic vinegar.

How do I plan a simple beverage for my party?

Have a Coffee Bar

Checking out party ideas? At your next celebration, you might have a coffee bar. Party planning will be easy. Put freshly brewed coffee on the table; add a bowl of whipped cream and an assortment of liquors (Kahlua, Amaretto, whiskey.). Planning parties couldn't be easier.

What is an unusual cheese to serve as an appetizer?

Celebration Cheese from Spain

Serving wine and cheese is popular at anniversary celebrations and retirement parties. When choosing celebration food, keep in mind Torta de Barros cheese, which is produced by a small Spanish cheese maker using raw sheep's milk. It's best served at room temperature. Cut the top off the round. Guests use a spoon to scoop out the center and spread the cheese on crackers and bread.

What type of wine should I have at the celebration?

Serving Wine

Serving wine at celebrations is simple. Serve full-bodied red winds with meat dishes and lighter whites with fish and chicken. However, in today's world people often mix. Have both types of wine available.

Is there a strawberry punch recipe?

Celebration Strawberry Punch

Guests attending graduation celebrations will enjoy this cooling red punch. Blend a 10-oz package of frozen strawberries with 1 can of jellied cranberry sauce. Stir puree into 6 cups of giner ale or club soda.

Where should I set up the bar?

Favorite Party Drinks

When choosing celebration food, take time to think about the drinks as well. Dinner party celebrations need organization. Have separate food and drink stations. Set up the bar for both alcoholic party drinks and non-alcoholic party drinks away from the kitchen and buffet table. Keep the kitchen clear, so you can move in and out with ease. Keep guests mingling and circulating.

What types of appetizers are good to serve?

Party Planning with Appetizers

Choosing celebration food? Everyone loves appetizers! Recipes for party foods can be simple. Holiday party ideas usually involve appetizers, particularly finger foods that are easy to pick up. Provide at least two low-cal vegetarian offerings. Think protein and vegetables. Party theme foods can revolve around poultry, cheese, vegetables, fruit and starch.

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